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SLEEPING BEAUTY: Rise and Shine available for rental from Heuer Play Publishing.

Click below for the song, WAKE UP, from SLEEPING BEAUTY: RISE AND SHINE



A new campy, cheeky, audacious musical comedy.  The ladies of the Umatilla Second Christian Church Women's Auxiliary League are getting together to produce their annual Mother's Day Pageant.  Six men play every character in this singing, acting, dancing, improv tour de force. As the 'Church Girls' prepare for their pageant, chaos and calamity bring out less than 'saintly' behavior.  The result is Heaven sent hilarity!


"It's hoot. Actually, that is too mild a word.  At its heart, this is a showcase for six journeymen actors (and one musician) to strut their prodigious talents...The result is like the funnyman's version of an ESPN highlight reel - nonstop humor from first-rate pros.  When they turn their attention to the serious business of humor - to primping and eyelash-batting, to hip-wiggling, to catty banter, to the deliciously clever maze of men playing women who are mocking men - it's a ball."--Review by David Lyman, Cincinnati Enquirer, 2010--


Commonwealth Theatre’s “Church Girls” Gets 4 Star LCT Review
Panelists for the League of Cincinnati Theatres (LCT) have recognized the Commonwealth Theatre’s Church Girls with a 4 star review.

Panelists wrote, “brimming with sassy, brassy, campy, and just plain eccentric women all played by men. They play multiple women and men with breathtakingly quick changes and spot on character changes. The girls will win you over during the hour and 50 minutes you'll spend with them.” “Big broad fun… A lot of very witty gags and engaging characters, full of belly laughs.”



Heuer Play Publishing


A Historical Theatrical Experience focusing on Lincoln's boyhood in Indiana and the accomplishments of his Presidency
located at the Lincoln Amphitheatre in Lincoln City, Indiana 
Endorsed by the
Indiana Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
and the
United States Lincoln Bicentennial Commission


BURGERTOWN, the musical

A timid fry cook accidentally invents the newest craze in the fast food world, taking the humble BurgerTown restaurant to new heights.  This shy hero encounters bad guys, big business and burgers.  He struggles to hold onto his sanity as he chases his dreams for success, romance, and a fast-food fortune.



“The cast [of BurgerTown] is solid and the show looks to have a future throughout America where we can relate to the concepts the show reminds us of so lovingly.”

--Chris Curcio, Broadways Biggest Hits

Available at Heuer Publishing-  www.hitplays.com



"Spellbinding....The play has it all soul, suspense, symbolism and surprises. Add to that medley a dash of humor and a speck of irony." Denver Register.

"The moon is more than a place for the misbegotten. It's a godless wilderness where hopes, dreams, fears and frustrations are easily cauterized; where love and death co exist in zero gravity. Yet it is also a perfect allegorical backdrop for human frailties, especially the loneliness of the long distance heroes." Rocky Mountain News.

"Stars twinkle all around and the big blue marble of earth eerily arises in this haunting new play." Time Magazine (Critic’s Choice- two weeks in a row.)


“Onto this what-if scenario Jones grafts a worst-case outcome: When it comes time for the module to blast off and re-dock with the spacecraft, its ignition and thrusters misfire. Mission control is at a loss. The astronauts are in danger of being permanently stranded, while their crewmate anxiously orbits above, gripped with loneliness - especially when he orbits the moon's dark side.

Jones uses flashbacks to give us crucial moments leading to the moon shot and the crisis; the 1989 script is a witty, well-crafted mixture of sci-fi, drama and suspense, with plenty of humor to break the tension. "Darkside," though, is as much a psychological study of three diverse temperaments as it is an adventure tale of space exploration.” ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER


Available at Samuel French Play Publishing, inc.


A dynamic adaptation utilizing a company of actors, through multiple roles, telling the classic story.  
15 Actors Total!
Unit Set!
60 minute running time!

Available at Heuer Publishing-  www.hitplays.com


What goes on in the minds of people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease? The Middle of Yesterday tries to give us an answer. Kilby Fleming, an aging ex-War hero, struggles between reality and the hauntings of his memories as he declines into the dark world of Alzheimer's. Locked in time, Kilby is forced to view his past as the people in the present fight to bring him back.

Available at Heuer Publishing- www.hitplays.com


Against a background of World War I, A Red Eagle Falling tells the story of one man's loneliness and torment as he confronts the truths of war. Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, after receiving a head wound begins to see and speak with the images of the pilots he has shot down. Soon his tiny barracks is filled with the spirits of British pilots, haunting the once unemotional Baron. Only with intervention from his love, Katie, can he begin to focus on his duties and continue to fly.

Available at Heuer Publishing- www.hitplays.com


This comedy centers around an Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Citizens vie for the ultimate prize attainable in Umatilla, Florida the Golden Egg. Meanwhile Horseshoe and Clem Dumpling seek to avenge their shattered hopes of married bliss, the town flirt chases every man except for the one who is in love with her and two young lovers struggle to escape this small town. Judge Pulander officiates, but is soon overwhelmed by apple and cypress bark cider. The Rifle Association initiates a blood feud while the Women's Club fans the fire with gossip. The Great Easter Egg Hunt is a comic journey through one day in an isolated town that reflects the greed, cowardice, regret, avarice, love, stupidity, hope, passion and drama of life in America.

Available at Samuel French Play Publishing, Inc.


written, directed

Bob Reason, a slightly befuddled anthropology professor, is manipulated by his former college room-mate turned Senator, into taking the blame for a crime committed long ago. Bob loses his wife, his job and his reputation, but he finds himself a perfect candidate in the upside-down world of politics. In this hilariously kooky world, the line between good and evil becomes increasingly blurred as the play progresses.

Available at Heuer Publishing- www.hitplays.com



The Action of the play occurs at a local coffee shop and bookstore called CAFÉ CAFFEINE.

In this fast-paced Act, the characters and the Café are introduced. The play is seemingly heading in one direction, but suddenly, there is a murder! An act break is not necessary between Acts I and II.

The first half of ACT II finds the characters in shock after the murder. Our detective reveals himself, and some interesting facts begin to trickle out of the suspects.
The second half of ACT II includes the audience. The Actors realize that they are being watched, and then they invite the audience into their world. The Actors reenact the events leading up to the crime with the audience making sure they do it correctly.

This Act should open with all the surviving actors available for questioning by the audience. This session is completely improvisational, but based on the previous text. The question and answer session should last about 20 minutes.

At this point, the detective will continue with a small scene to engage the actors back into the play and present some clues to help set up the endings. Finally, the detective will ask the audience to vote on which actor they wish to see found guilty, and that ending will be played out.

Available at Heuer Publsihing- www.hitplays.com


THY BROTHER'S KEEPER is a frightening tale of two brothers, appearing in their 20's in ACT I, and then revisited in their 70's in ACT II,  and how they become trapped by their own paranoia and fears. Scott, the older brother, has taken care of his younger brother, Willy, shielding him from the world as well as the family secret.


Available at Heuer Publishing


Theme Park, Attractions and Interactive Experiences:


THE LITTLEST CHRISTMAS TREE, written by Table for Five with IO Productions Producing.  Finalist at the the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) for Most Creative Show.  Stone Mountain Theme Park.


SANTA’S TOY FACTORY, Theme Park show, written by Table for Five with IO Productions Producing. Winner of the the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) BEST THEME PARK SHOW.   King’s Island Theme Park, Carrowinds Theme Park, King’s Dominion Theme Park, and the Taft Theatre.


TOYRIFFIC, Theme Park Show, written by Table for Five with IO Productions Producing. Stone Mountain Theme Park.


THE HOLIDAY TRAIN, interactive experience, written by Table for Five with IO Productions Producing. King’s Island Theme Park


THE SPUMONI AND CANNELLONI WEDDING, Interactive experience show-  Belterra Casino and Resort


THE PULANDER FAMILY REUNION, Interactive experience show-  Belterra Casino and Resort


THE BLUE BUFFALO MURDER MYSTERY, Interactive experience show-  Belterra Casino and Resort


DOOLEY AND PALS Attraction, interactive experience, Written by Table for Five with LightPoint Enertainment and Disney/MGM Studios producing.  Disney MGM/STUDIOS (now HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS)


CHIMNEY SWEEPS HOLIDAY SHOW, written and produced by Table for Five in conjunction with the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.